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Jillian is a specialist in the fields of restorative yoga and yoga therapeutics and a knowledgeable, engaging, and compassionate teacher. Her trainings offer a practical path for deepening personal and professional interests in the healing aspects of yoga. In an experiential setting, participants learn, explore, and practice towards greater health and wholeness.

Watch Jillian's TEDx Talk on Mindplay

Friendship is as important to our health as getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. In this talk Jillian Pransky tells us that this is old news. 2,500-years ago Metta meditation was presented as a path to befriend our selves and develop a greater capacity to connect deeply with others - in the playground of our mind. 

Jillian presented her TEDx Talk about Metta Meditation, "MindPlay to Expand Love in Your Life,” in May at TEDxNavesink.